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The Smart Grid: Enabling Energy Efficiency and

The Smart Grid: Enabling Energy Efficiency and Demand Response by Clark W. Gellings

The Smart Grid: Enabling Energy Efficiency and Demand Response

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The Smart Grid: Enabling Energy Efficiency and Demand Response Clark W. Gellings ebook
Format: pdf
Page: 250
ISBN: 0881736236, 9780881736236

There are also more smart grid-focused projects underway that could also automate commercial buildings for energy efficiency and demand response. The chart above is a simplified diagram showing how energy and information moves through the smart grid. At DistribuTECH 2013, Comverge customer Gulf Power was recognized by the editors of POWERGRID International for its impressive dynamic pricing program that was named the demand response and energy efficiency "Project of the Year". A smart electrical power grid could decrease annual electric energy use and utility sector carbon emissions at least 12 percent by 2030, according to a new report from the Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Is there a utility play for custom electronics integrators to install home networking and energy efficiency technologies in the millions of home serviced by a smart grid? What's meant by 'smart grid.' Second, utilities are asking -- and in many cases, piloting to discover -- how best to involve the customer in energy efficiency and demand response programs via home-area networks [HAN] and / or consumer web portals. "It is important that we look at all of the options that can help address and mitigate climate change," said Eileen Claussen, president of the Pew Center on Global Climate Change "and smart grid's role in enabling energy efficiency and other climate-friendly It will try to demonstrate that demand response and energy storage solutions can dynamically complement renewable resources – and avoid the building of new fossil-fuel power plants to fill the availability gaps and peak needs. Efficient and flexible with customer education and empowerment, customer-focused energy pricing policies and demand-response programs (which allows customers to voluntarily reduce peak electricity use in response to a signal from their electric utilities and receive a payment for doing so). So Pecan Street This represents billion-dollar opportunities for startups and major companies in everything from home energy management to building controls to lighting systems to demand response. Increased In fact, we can't have the smart grid discussion without having the renewables discussion, or the energy efficiency discussion. Smart grid and smart meters are an inevitable part of America's energy future, but at least when it comes to consumers, it has gotten off to a bumpy start. System and enables more visibility and control of both the existing electricity infrastructure and new "smart" components, such as smart meters, automated demand response, plug-in electric vehicles and electricity storage devices. There are many conceptions of what the smart grid is and what it should do for us, the ratepayers who will finance the necessary upgrades to California's electrical system. The possibilities have been discussed for years, without Utilizing the Internet and the millions of two-way communicating smart meters being rolled out, utilities will deliver variable, Time of Use pricing structures and load-shedding demand response programs. Enables active participation by consumers in demand response; Self-heals from power disturbance events; Operates resiliently against physical and cyber attack; Provides power quality for 21st century needs; Accommodates all which can make the system work more efficiently through improved communication and integration. An increasing use of electrical appliances and a fuel shift from oil-based transportation to the electrification of transport means that energy demand will result in greater dependence on power quality and security of supply. Consumers A smart grid-enabled home isn't as buzzy or hotly in demand as the latest iPad. And we need For many utilities, the smart grid as a central, enabling technology is the only way to satisfy these demands.